Rug Cleaning Sidcup

Rug CleaningRugs are an inseparable part of any well-arranged home, quality rugs make for a stylish interior, and consolidate your overall room design. Rugs though are quite susceptive to staining and soiling, even more than the average carpet. Problem with rugs is that most of them cost quite a bit of money to purchase, and you wouldn’t want them being subjected to harsh, aggressive cleaning treatments which are likely to cause damage or alteration to the rug’s fibres, properties and colours.

Rugs are generally made of synthetic or natural materials. Both types of rugs are quite pricy, and will not handle conventional cleaning methods too well which means that the most efficient and sparing way to keep your synthetic or natural fibre rugs clean and stain-free is to use a specialised cleaning service. Our professional rug cleaning service is the affordable, safe and highly efficient alternative to cleaning the rugs on your own. We know all about professional rug cleaning maintenance, and are well aware that different types of rugs require a different cleaning approach in order to clean them properly and avoid damage. Our specialised rug cleaning service, available to customers in Sidcup is suitable for all types of synthetic and natural fibre rugs, including tufted, needle felted, knotted, woven, flat weaved, hooked and embroided.

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  • End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices from £109
  • Domestic Cleaning Prices from £9
  • Carpet Cleaning Prices from £26
  • Oven Cleaning Prices from £45
  • *The costs above are valid for Sidcup. They cover the needed labour (cleaning hours). If additional hours are needed, then increased charges would be applied. Minimum charge applies. Prices quoted over the phone are approximated based on the supplied info.

    Rug CleaningThe cleaning process is completely safe for the rug. The cleaning will not cause any mechanical damage or chemical alteration to the rug and its look and feel. Your rug cleaning service will be carried out by specially trained cleaning technicians who have the skills and expertise to deal with the task accordingly and deliver exceptional cleaning results without margin for error. The cleaning equipment and materials we use allow for deep, thorough cleaning, which removes dirt, stains and grime from deep between the fibre strands, all the way down to the base layer of the rug. Our professional rug cleaning is not only efficient and affordable, but also convenient and hassle-free.

    The entire cleaning process is performed onsite, as we use professional grade cleaning systems and equipment. The exact cleaning method, and the order of cleaning procedures required, will be selected by our expert cleaning technicians after they carefully determine the type of rug and the nature of the soiling or staining. The rug cleaning service is available to customers as standalone or in combination with another one of our high quality cleaning options.